pretty paperwhites

So pretty in a big urn, or planted in a bunch of small containers, paperwhites are lovely to have in the house around Christmas, and the bonus is they'll last for much of winter, brightening many dark days.

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Ideally, you should plant your bulbs, in peat or just stones and water, weeks before the holiday for them to bloom in time. I didn't get mine in nearly early enough, but I'm still excited to have them blooming in January and February. And in fact, maybe next year I'll stagger a few containers so I've got blooms going all through winter.


I think paperwhites are essential to have in the house in winter. How do you (want to) display yours?


Anonymous said...

They all look so pretty! It's nice to have something in bloom for the dark winter months I think.

The Vintique Object said...

I'm really digging the paperwhites planted in the footed bowls.

Merry Christmas, Casey. I hope Santa brings you just what you want!