weekend kitchen picks

Surprise, surprise: some progress towards the new kitchen was made this weekend! Michael had to make a quick visit to a client and to the cabinet shop, so I offered to go with, knowing this was a great chance to get some decisions on the books.

We picked out a door style. VERY simple Shaker frame. That is all. And this organization will be finding its way into our design. Near the stove. For sure.

Then it was on to Lumber Liquidators to check out wood floors. We decided on wood versus tile because my house is so small, and we have wood in the other rooms. It'd be nice for the rooms to have more flow and feel more open to each other. Ideally the woods would blend and help with this expansive, open feeling. Of course some of the woods we like were LOVELY but would not blend well with my old oak floors. They're too dramatic. Oh well.

We both fell for this knotty, grainy, light/dark Australian cypress. It has a character like pine or oak but with a crisper, cooler feel. It was the most expensive of the three we chose, however.

On the bargain side, I was into this hickory selection. It'd be great with a very cottagey white-cabinet kitchen. Do you like the variation of tones in the boards? I'm not sure exactly why, maybe because it makes the floor look more unique and handcrafted versus out of the box and standard, but I am sooo into that.

I've always really loved the idea of a dark wood floor, though.

Apparently, This Old House loved it too. (They must have used it in a recent project. Will have to do some research here!) I love how this stain is not too warm and not too cool. It looks to me like walnut, even though it's birch. And it's not flat; literally, it's roughly planed, giving a slightly rustic look I like. But at the same time, the color I think makes it more modern. And the tones aren't flat. The staining has some nice depth and variation. The pricing for this one was somewhere in the middle of our high and low choices.

And yeah, I know it can be hard to clean, which is a bummer, but I have a white floor now, so that's no biggie to me. I think it'd be dramatic and sleek and eventually I'd like to have my other wood floors in the house sanded and stained to match. This could be the one.

What are your thoughts? Which would you pick? For pure looks, for price, and to put in a modern-country Shaker-style painted cabinet (but not white) kitchen?


My Little Bungalow said...

I think the choice of color for your floors will depend on the color you'll be painting the cabinets. Have you chosen a color for them?
I love the simple Shaker style of cabinet you've chosen. That would be my choice too!
Can't wait to see your progress.

René said...

I love dark floors and wish ours were darker. They have a more modern feel and I love the clean contrast. I cannot wait to see the details come together.

Karen said...

Love the simple Shaker door front that you selected. That style always looks so fresh.

Janet said...

If you plan on using the pull-out cab pictured for oils and or spices, do not put next to the stove. Residual heat will turn the oils and flatten the spices. I have one between a corner carousel and a set of drawers. I use it for pet food, meds, collars and grooming tools. Love the dark flooring!

The Vintique Object said...

Gosh, Casey -- this is getting so real now! Love your cabinet style.

Hmm. I like the last sample best. To me it looks the most classic, which means it will stand the test of time?

Holly Gruszka said...

How fun to start thinking about materials for the big kitchen project! I really love the hickory.

casey at loft and cottage said...

Janet, you read my mind! That is exactly where I was thinking of putting this, but the heat turning the spices and oils totally makes sense. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! I will be changing the plan...