obsessed with open weave baskets

A few weeks ago, I stumbled across this image of a little girl's room on Pinterest and loved its softness and texture. And soon, those baskets were calling my name.

I've always loved baskets, because they're beautiful and totally practical for storing all kinds of things. But these are special, I think. The open weave design is so interesting and delicate.

cottage living nov 2007

And I've been searching, but still cannot find a clue as to where to get them. Are they vintage? Most likely. French? Probably. Expensive? Definitely.

I found some baguette baskets (but these are often too open) and grape-collecting baskets (but these tend to be oval and have a closed weave) in a Google search, but I haven't hit the mark yet. This is the closest I found, but it's meant to hang on a wall. So, any clues, friends? And are you as obsessed as I am? Or am I crazy to spend hours hunting for a specific basket style?


My Many Moments said...

I'm right there with ya...obsessed. I think baskets are such a gret design element. Functional, loads of texture, warmth and hides your junk. I love that second picture from cottage living. Thats a pinner!

Rowantree Design said...

A gal after my own heart....I have just purchased an open weave basket stool/side table to use in the beach house makeover project I am currently doing. Baskets are fun to work with, painting them adding bits and pieces onto them, endless creative ideas... I hope to hear from you over at my space. Roberta

Sheryl said...

Just picked up a very similar looking basket at Cost Plus World Market - they just arrived!