be our guest: summer guest room

In the midst of renovation, I'm taking special pride in any space in our house that feels pretty much "done." As much as that's possible in any design obsessive's house ;-) Anyway, here's how our little guest room under the eaves is looking lately. It's got its bright summer look going with the hot pink quilt and yellow-trimmed sheets.

Hmm, I should probably iron the sheets, yes? The little stool stands in for a nightstand since there's no room here for a table or anything bigger (the door is immediately to the right of it). As for the mirror, I thought about putting it in the nook behind the headboard to sort of expand the space. I still may do that. Thoughts? I have art I can hang where the mirror is. The only thing is, with that placement you won't see the mirror until you're fully in the room and so it won't be the "focal point." Not sure it matters though.

And check out the mirror—have you ever seen anything like it? I recently found it at TJ Maxx for $10! It has a very antique feel and is just so interesting with the pierced detail and hexagon inside a square shape, and I just fell in love with it. For 10 bucks, how could I resist? Do you like? Do you think I should move it to behind the bed? And hang it vertically instead of horizontally as it is now? It's not wired to hang that way, but that's an easy change. All these questions...and you can see what I'm leaning toward....

We still need a window treatment here because it gets mighty hot and bright up here in the summer. I'm thinking of trying to diy a Roman shade. I have some Celerie Kemble Bleecker Absinthe fabric left over from previous projects. If I line it, it should work well up here. Wish me luck! Other things: yes, I know the tv is not so pretty (the cable box especially), but it's practical and nice to have for guests, so I compromise on aesthetics and keep it up here. Also, yes, that is a basket of baby goodies on the floor there that's just waiting for a nursery downstairs to live in. Cannot wait!


Kim@Chattafabulous said...

Casey, your guest room looks so cozy and inviting! I wouldn't change anything!

Anonymous said...

Would the mirror work on wall above stool/table? Artwork on wall where mirror is now. Just an idea: let the art work be a large blank canvas which your guests can sign and date. If there is a baby on the way; guests could write words of love and wisdom for the newborn. Nice gift for your child when they grow up and move into their first home. Room does look great already.

The Vintique Object said...

What a score on the mirror! I think any time you can put it across from a window, that's the way to go. Would it also be across from a window if you put it above the bed?

Such a pretty guest room. I'd be a very happy guess if I got to stay there. The TV would feel especially luxurious.

René said...

You are in full on nesting mode aren't you?! What a sweet retreat for your guests...makes me want to pay you a visit :)

The mirror is wonderful - $10, yes! I kind of like it where it is. If you move it will it reflect a window of a wall?