picture book shelves for emerson's room

I've loved ledge shelving for a long time and am excited to try this out in Emmy's nursery. The ledge shelves for picture books are so adorable, right?


I think the beautiful cover art of the books can add so much character to a room. Plus it's fun for kids to be able to so easily see all their favorites, rather than scouring spines to find what they want to read.

cindy espinoza — great diy instructions here too

ana white

You could easily buy these (Ikea, Target, West Elm), but my plan is to save a little money and get more of an original look by making them (okay, having Michael make them) in a rustic/aged wood. I'm planning these for the empty wall behind the chair. Of course, we have a lot on our hands now and have no idea when we'll be able to get to a project. But I'm counting on Michael having some downtime over the winter when work slows down. And ugh, sorry for the dark pic by the way. I am just noticing this. Need to work on my photo skills, clearly.

the nursery today

Other plans: a cushy ottoman so we can put our feet up when relaxing with our little girl and some art for over the dresser. Will be scouring ideas for inexpensive/diy art/wall decor today. Again, as long as Emmy keeps taking her naps and gives Momma some free time today. So far, so good. Cross your fingers for me.


Holly Gruszka said...

It took us some time to get Sheila's room decorated the way we wanted it. I remember we didn't have window treatments for a while, and when she got a little older the light was a big issue so that got remedied quickly. I love the book ledges - great way to display the favorites.

Ava said...

I just have to say, I am not a baby person, but your baby is SUPER cute:) Love those chunky arms! Beautiful job with the nursery!