refreshing a vintage bed

A few months ago when this first appeared in House & Home, I promptly fell in love with this girl's room and ripped the page out and just finally got around to scanning it in. It's worth saving, pinning, remembering. The entire room is charming and classic (the canopy! the art!) but it's the vintage bed that really caught my eye. The homeowner/designer Nicola Marc painted it a rich deep blue and upholstered its seen-better-days cane panels with pretty fabric.
This is why flea market finds are such an excellent idea—taking a traditional style and giving it new life, you retain all the original appeal but replace all that's old and out of date. In a growing girl's room, I love a vintage bed makeoever and would love to do this someday for Emmy. In a new bigger room for her, in a new house, perhaps? If you've seen something else like this painted upholstered bed, please share. I couldn't find anything else like it on Pinterest.


Lauren said...

Love these kinds of vintage bedrooms, the room feels more natural.

elizabethripleyhorn said...

reminds me a bit of this tutorial that I've saved from Country Living Magazine for years. I blogged about it awhile ago, hoping that I would try it on my own bed, but sadly, I still haven't gotten around to it!

The Vintique Object said...

Hi Casey,

What a great idea to upholster over broken caning! Such a collected looking room and so dreamy with the canopy. What little girl wouldn't love that?

The only thing I've seen somewhat like it is this:

Love the idea of slipcovering frame of bed too -- washable! :)

Fran said...

This is so adorable, Casey. This would be a really fun DIY. It reminds me of this a bit:

Fran said...

Casey, sorry, it's me again. Just read your comment on 'cafe shutters' post. Check out High Street Mkt - they recently did a post on interior shutters. Lots of inspiration!! Good luck!