etsy artist tracey kafka

There's so much original art to be found on Etsy, but not all of it is great. One of recent my lucky finds is Tracey Kafka. Her pieces are simple, bright, bold swaths of color and perfect amounts of negative space. I was looking for a large-scale abstract, and a few her of works definitely fit the bill. She also does smaller-scale work.

I'd love to be able to find a place for her art, or even design a room around a piece, sometime soon. Who are your favorite finds? It's not easy to sort through the vast numbers on Etsy to find the rare gems!


Holly Gruszka said...

GREAT to know about her works. I'll have to head over to see if I've got her as a favorite or not. I had a so-so experience recently with a piece that I bought. The colors just aren't as bold as what they looked like on my screen so I was a little bummed. It's still very nice but I'm hesistant to buy art online again (original that is).

designchic said...

I love finding great contemporary artists on Etsy - can't wait to see more of her work!! Thanks for the introduction and happy weekend ~

Anonymous said...

Wow, great find! I love the block colours, and you get a real sense of texture from these pieces. Great stuff!
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Thanks for your time Casey, and keep up the excellent blog!

All the best,